• Simon Barbour


In brief

  • Vast experience, established 1979
  • Deal direct with importer/exporter/wholesaler/retailer
  • Major wholesale supplier to museums/tourist attractions/giftshops/market stalls
  • Huge range of over 1,400 products online plus many more in-store (please call)
  • Best prices & numerous repeat customers
  • Retail shop near Adelaide CBD, open for over 24 years

What do we sell?

Our products are all nature-based including rocks, minerals and crystals (common to rare) i.e. amethyst, agate, quartz, calcite, pyrite, peacock ore etc., meteorites, lapidary supplies, tumbled stones, cut stones i.e. spheres, generators, pyramids, wands, animals, fossils i.e. ammonites, trilobites, fish, shark teeth etc., shells for decoration (Australia's biggest range) and collections (1,000's of species) marine life i.e. starfish, shark jaws, sea urchins, bugs/spiders/scorpions in resin i.e. key-rings etc.; jewellery made from gemstones, pearl shells, bugs etc.

Who do we sell to?

We sell wholesale and direct to customers via this website and our retail shop.

Our products are seen all over Australia in museum gift shops, famous tourist attractions, crystal shops, science shows, gift shops and market stalls.

We sell to collectors - amateur or professional - of minerals, fossils, shells, marine life, bugs and butterflies. We welcome kids starting out, serious collectors (I've even had a shell named after myself) and collected all over the world), new-age crystal lovers, gift buyers, craft people, school teachers, wedding planners and more.

How long have you been going for?

Naturally Wild started in 1979 as seashell import/export business by a lover of all natural history collectables, Simon Barbour. I have always loved collecting and trading natural history specimens. First rocks and then shells took over when I was 12. I started a hobby import/export business while at University and then managed a sea-side tourist centre. In the late 80's, I got a real job as a corporate banker and used their computer to write shell catalogues. It went well and I opened the Naturally Wild shop in 1993. Since then I travel to new places every year and hand-select stock and still get excited unpacking the boxes.

Wholesale & Retail
Australia's biggest range
Extensive knowledge
35+ years of experience
150,000+ happy customers